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All County Central Vacuum carries all your necessary units, kits, accessories, bags, replacement parts, & more:

Parts That Improve The Functionality of Your Vacuum System.

Accessories, attachments, brushes, cleaning kits, hoses, installation components, power heads and more - we have all the parts you need to complete or upgrade your central vacuum system! Below are three featured products that could improve your central vacuum system today!


Central Vacuum VacPan

The VacPan is a wonderful addition to any central vacuum system. Think of a VacPan as an automated built-in dustpan for your central vacuum system! This revolutionary new central vacuum outlet, flush mounted to your wall or under the kick plate of your cabinets, eliminates the need for bulky hoses! Simply turn it on, sweep the dirt towards the VacPan and watch the powerful suction draw the dirt right in! It is practically invisible and can be used in the kitchen, laundry room, any door entry way, mud rooms, and anywhere you need quick clean up. VacPans are a must for every central vacuum system.


Finally, a retractable hose system the simplifies the storage of central vacuum hoses. The days of lugging, dragging, carrying or storing that bulky vacuum hose are over! These customizes hoses even retract themselves! Watch the video to learn more!

Turbocat Air Driven Power Head

Turbocat Air Driven Power Head

The Turbocat is a sleek and powerful air driven turbine carpet attachment that uses the suction power of your central vacuum to provide a deep, detailed clean for your living environment. The Turbocat's high speed turbine harnesses the suction power of the central vacuum then begins to spin at a very high RPM, the rotation of the turbine with the suction of the vacuum generates the airflow needed to produce exceptional clean. With its DeepSweep brush roller, the Turbocat effectively agitates the carpeting bringing all the dust, dirt and debris that are imbedded deep within the carpeting or rugs to the surface. The 13 inch cleaning path lets you vacuum larger areas in half the time. The Turbocat is by far one of the most reliable air driven central vacuum carpet nozzles on the market.