Central Vacuum Installation & Repair in Bronx, NY

For over 30 years, All County Vacuums has been providing the Bronx with quality central vacuum services, including installation, repair, and sales. With a long history of working with both residential and commercial clients, All County Vac has a wide range of solutions for any need.


This system consists of one 40FT Hide-A-Hose on the 2nd floor and one 50FT Hide-A-Hose on the 1st Floor. These 2 hoses cover the entire house. We can also instal a VacPan in the Kitchen. This allows the home owner to sweep crumbs and dirt right in to the vacuum system with ease.

Central Vacuum Bronx NY

The Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

  • Remove harmful allergens and unwanted odors
  • No loss of suction
  • Safe for furniture and walls
  • Effective for all types of debri (Metal, Liquids, Plaster Dust, etc)
  • Large capacity to avoid frequent emptying
  • Compatibility with standard accessories
  • Avoid costly replacements
  • Easy Cleaning