Central Vacuum Installation & Repair in Manhattan

All County Vac has been serving the busy streets of Manhattan for over 30 years now, and we have built quite a name for ourselves. Amongst the towering skyscrapers, boutique shops, and countless apartment buildings, All County Vac has been busy providing central vacuum systems with quality service.

Power Star Optima Plus Central Vacuum

A few months ago we installed a Central Vacuum System in an Animal Hospital on 2nd Avenue in the Upper East Side in Manhattan. This system consisted of 2 Power Star Optima Plus Central Vacuum Power Units each rated for up to 12,000 square feet and a total of 8 Vacuum Inlets. We have done many Animal Hospitals over the years. Central Vacuum Systems are very popular among Animal Hospitals because unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dust, a Central Vacuum System removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens and carries them away from living and work areas-to help improve indoor air quality. Research has proven that a Central Vacuum System provides significant relief for allergy sufferers.

Central Vacuum Manhattan NY

The Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

  • Remove harmful allergens and unwanted odors
  • No loss of suction
  • Safe for furniture and walls
  • Effective for all types of debri (Metal, Liquids, Plaster Dust, etc)
  • Large capacity to avoid frequent emptying
  • Compatibility with standard accessories
  • Avoid costly replacements
  • Easy Cleaning