What is a Central Vacuum?

What we do

What is a central vacuum system? Using PVC or Steel Pipe we connect inlets which are placed strategically throughout the house to get maximum coverage with as few inlets as possible. That pipe is all ran to a single Vacuum Power Unit. The days of lugging around your heavy upright vacuum from room to room are over. Simply plug in your central vacuum hose into the wall inlet and start vacuuming! Not only are central vacuums more powerful and durable but a central vacuum system will increase the value of your real estate!

All About All County

When it comes to Central Vacuums Cleaning Systems there is no one better than All County Central Vacuums. With over 35 years of experience in Central Vacuums there is no job that we can’t handle. At All County Central Vacuums we pride ourselves in giving you the highest quality Central Vacuum System for an affordable price. Our experience enables us to customize your central vacuum system to fit your specific needs.

Brands Installed & Serviced

All County Central Vacuum installs and services all major brands and their models, new and old:

  • Agressor
  • AirVac
  • Beam by Electolux
  • Black & Decker
  • Cyclo Vacuums
  • DirtDevil
  • DrainVac
  • DuoVac
  • DustCare
  • All Elextrolux Brands
  • Eureka
  • Honeywell