Central Vacuum Commerical Installation

Business Solutions

The Solution To Your Cleaning Needs!

All County Central Vacuum can help you keep your business clean and orderly. Central vacuum systems can be installed in any type of business, small or large, any square footage. We have experience helping barber shops easily clean up after every cut and experience helping large retailers clean up daily after hundreds of customers march through their doors.

Why an Industrustial Central Vacuum System?

  • Infrequent Emptying
  • Increased Suction Power
  • Reduced Damage and Wear to Furniture and Walls
  • Ability to Handle "Difficult" Debris (Metal, Liquids, Plaster Dust, etc)
  • Complete Removal of Allergens and Noxious Odors
  • Compatible with Standard Tools and Accessories
  • Minimal Replacements Needed
  • Convenient Cleaning

Small Businesses

Central Vacuums Systems for Small Businesses

Central vacuum systems are quiet and hidden, taking up little space to help you maintain a clean atmosphere.If you currently use a vacuum daily, you are a perfect fit for a central vacuuming system.

We service clothing shops, barber shops, small delis, small workshops, car washes, pet shops, and more!

Large Businesses

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Large businesses employ a large number of people and can have a large number of customers pass through their doors. The need for industrial strength cleaning in everyday operations is essential. Industrial vacuums are too loud to be ran during operating hours and can still cause dust and allergens to be dispersed due to air agitation from the vacuum. A central vacuum system for a large business is industrial strength, quiet enough to be used during operating hours, and proven to be more effective at removing debris and allergens.